Vision: The ability to look ahead into the future


Mission: The task, business, and duty that a group is sent forth to carry out




A viable and effective anti-racist movement exists in Rochester, New York and beyond (active faith communities---particularly black and white) ultimately to eliminate racism.


MAMA is a christian-based organization that works to impact individual, institutional, and structural racism in measurable ways.

MAMA seeks to work in partnership with communities of faith, particularly Black and White communities of faith---to provide a vehicle through which people can begin to analyze and fight against the social, economic, and political structures responsible for individual, institutional, and structural racism in housing, healthcare, employment, educational, criminal and youth justice, mass media, among other issues.


Racism is inherent in the fabric and foundation of U.S. society. It is one of the oldest, most deeply entrenched, volatile, potentially explosive, socioeconomic, sociopolitical, sociocultural, historical issues and problems that exists within U.S. society. Racism is necessarily reflected in every major institution in society, via rules, regulations, policies,  practices, procedures, and laws that guide and govern institutions.

This is a part of the reason why Africans in America developed an independent institution, the Black Church, to meet their needs from the location of oppression and produced a theology (black liberation theology) that compelled them to seek to eradicate the suffering produced by racist Institutions including the white church.

Unfortunately, historically (for the most part) white western Christianity has served to help establish, support, perpetuate, condone, and give religious sanction to the status quo and to provide justification for the racism embedded in all institutions. Replacing actual engagement in the struggle for liberation with weekly worship and the pursuit of personal virtue only, is contrary to the gospel message.

MAMA, as an acronym, purposely alludes to a philosophy based on the intellectual thought of black women. Complementary with the male dominated black theology, the intellectual thought and historical contributions of black women, is a part  of our approach of engaging in the struggle for liberation ( a womanist Christian social ethic).

We acknowledge the world as it is, with competing institutional interests and agendas, which create suffering among the dominated in society. However, we do not accept that this is the way the world must continue to be. We see action to transform the social, economical, political, and cultural order as a Christian duty (from A troubling in My Soul, Emilie Townes,e.d.).

Education/Organizing for Action

Phase I: Education for Action is an interactive ten (10) week educational series that utilizes scripture, demographic data, scientific studies, and the historical record of racism in the United States in an attempt to equip participants to become engaged in nonviolent direct action.

Phase II: Organizing for Action - see MAMA's Vision.

Customized Workshops Available

If you would like us to customize a workshop or presentation, please see our CONTACT PAGE.

Meet our Steering Committee

       Rev. Judy Davis                                         Howard Eagle

             Andria Bryant                                       Velverly Caldwell